Flexispot Desk Reviews – Review after 100 hours of use

Flexispot Desk Reviews – Review after 100 hours of use

Hey guys, for a little over two weeks, about 100 hours in all, I’ve had the pleasure of using a Flexispot Standing Desk – 35″ while working. If you’re tired of sitting for 8 hours a day, have sore/tight back and leg muscles, and need something where you can stand and get the blood flowing then this may be a great budget option for you. I’ve always been a proponent of standing desks and their benefits in the workplace (see: How to Use a Standing Desk – Reap the Maximum Health Benefits ), and this solid little Flexispot Standing Desk is no exception to that rule. Let’s take a look at my Flexispot desk review to see how it measures up.


The Good: Flexispot Desk Review

Keyboard tray

One of the main concerns that I’ve come across when using standing desk converters/workstations is the size of both the upper platform as well the keyboard tray. Many standing desk converters try to make things so compact that using a full keyboard with a mouse is next to impossible. Plus, as many freelancers need to use 2 monitors (myself included) so you’re not wasting precious seconds clicking through a dozen tabs on one screen, this standing desk delivers more than enough space for that. As you see in the photo, I have my laptop and a 21″ monitor with plenty of room to spare.

Flexispot desk review


Easy lifting mechanism

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to lift and lower the platforms. With a monitor and laptop on top, I can quickly raise it one-handed. Dropping it down takes a bit more effort, but honestly, I prefer the lifting mechanism to be a bit stiff, so things don’t move around while I’m working.

Flexispot desk reviews


Very sturdy build

As you can see, this Flexispot standing desk comes with an X-shaped lifting mechanism, and that allows the platform to raise straight up. Many desk converters raise up and out towards you. The negative with the setup that comes toward you is that all the weight of your monitors and keyboard are no longer directly over the base of support, which means there’s much more wobble in the standing position.

This Flexispot standing desk raises straight up, so it not only saves space but has much better stability when compared to other standing desk converters.

Flexispot desk reviews


Easy Assembly

All-in-all from the time I had the box open to when it was ready to use was about 10 minutes. (8 of those were cleaning all the junk off my desk, so I had a place to put it). It’s incredibly straightforward to put together.

Flexispot desk reviews


*Caution: It’s very heavy! Which is why it’s so sturdy, but you might need a helping hand to get it on your desk.*

Buy Here: Flexispot Standing Desk – 35″

*Click the link above, and use the code to receive a 5% discount on any Flexispot product*

The Not-so-good: Flexispot desk reviews

Flexispot desk reviews: Packaging problems

As you can see in the photos, things started a bit rough. Right out of the box it was very dirty as if someone had returned it or the packaging wasn’t sealed properly. However, I don’t believe it’s Flexispot’s fault as it came from Amazon. Unfortunately, when companies use sites like Amazon that also store and ship their goods product quality is a bit out of there hands. It only took about 30 seconds to wipe it off, so in the end, it wasn’t a big deal, but it was a bit off-putting at first.

Flexispot desk reviews


*I hesitated for a while deciding whether I should include this or not as I don’t believe it’s Flexispot’s fault, but in the end, I want to bring you guys a full-disclosure honest review, so I decided it was best to include it*

Flexispot desk reviews: Laptop ergonomics

Ergonomically speaking, the top of your computer screen should be at eye level, and arms reach away, whether you’re sitting or standing. That would be the perfect ergonomic setup. However, if you take a quick peek at the photo below, you immediately see a height difference between the monitor on the left and the laptop screen on the right. The screen on the left is at the correct height for me.

Flexispot desk reviews


Ove the two weeks I’ve used this Flexispot standing desk it hasn’t been a problem, but if I were planning on using it for years than I’d definitely need to put a book or a stack of papers underneath my laptop to make it a more comfortable set up for my neck.

Less standing than with a full desk

This isn’t so much as a negative as it’s something I noticed. Many of you may know that I have a full electric height-adjustable desk (also from Flexispot) and so at the touch of a button my desk rises and lowers to the pre-set heights that I’ve programmed in.

This Flexispot standing desk workstation is raised and lowered with a lever, and as I mentioned, it’s quite simple and easy to move it up and down. However, as there are no preset heights whenever you raise it to the standing position, you have to check it for proper ergonomics every time. In the end, it’s only an extra 3 seconds, but when it’s getting later on at the end of the day, you’re tired and just want to finish your task, switching between standing and sitting just happens less often.

Now, if you don’t have any sort of standing desk, you’ll obviously stand much more whether you choose a full desk or a workstation, as that option is now at your fingertips.

Note: I’m a shade under 6’3″, and I raise this Flexispot standing desk to basically its maximum height. So, if you’re taller than me, this probably isn’t the option for you.

Flexispot desk reviews: My final verdict

As I mentioned above, if you currently have a regular, stationery desk then the Flexispot Standing Desk – 35″ could be a great stepping stone into the standing desk world. It’s sturdy, well-built, easy to set up and have more than enough space for the majority of freelancer’s gadgets. If you’re not sure whether you’ll actually use a standing desk the way you should, then this entry-level option is perfect for you.

Flexispot desk reviews


However, if you know that you’ll use it or have used something similar before I would say that you should definitely go for the full desk option. The controller with programmable heights really can’t be matched by any standing desk workstation out there. At least in my experience, when I start getting tired, I get lazy, and the thought of standing up, squeezing the lever, lifting the desk and checking for proper ergonomics has deterred me from standing more than once in the last few weeks.


Flexispot desk reviews


That said, For this Flexispot desk reviews, I think Flexispot has built a solid entry-level workstation that could really help a lot of people to move around more, stand up, and decrease back and leg pain throughout the day. In the end, spending a couple hundred bucks on something that will improve your health, decrease your discomfort/pain, all while increasing productivity is, without a doubt, a great buy. Check out more info on how to build your home office at How to Organize a Home Office – Function and Comfort over Form.

Lastly, I’ve been using an Electric Height-adjustable Flexispot standing desk for a little over a year now and if you’re ready to jump right into the standing desk world, check out my Flexispot desk reviews here: Flexispot Standing Desk – The 1-year Review

Buy Here: Flexispot Standing Desk – 35″

*Click the link above, and use the code to receive a 5% discount on any Flexispot product*


What are your thoughts on my Flexispot desk reviews? Have you ever tried a Flexispot desk?


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8 Replies to “Flexispot Desk Reviews – Review after 100 hours of use”

  1. As someone who works from home, you can probably imagine the amount of time I too have spent over the years seated at a desk. About a year ago I went to a “stand up desk” as well. I LOVE IT! One thing I notice about the Flexispot…the multiple tiers. Mine does not have that…but I so wish it did.

    1. Hey, I’m glad you decided to make the move! The keyboard tray and upper platform are a must. I’m guessing your keyboard and screen are on the same level so you’re constantly having to look down all day. It might be worth it to invest into a bluetooth keyboard/mouse set and prop your screen up so it’s at the proper height. If you’re ever interested let me know and I can definitely send a few ideas your way. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I work from home myself and this past week I have had such a neck ache from sitting that I am now considering a standing desk such as the Flexispot.

    How long does it take to get used to using it once you have it installed?

    I would hate to buy it to only find out that I can’t gt used to a standing desk.

    1. Hey I appreciate you stopping by and taking a look! Actually, it shouldn’t take you anytime at all if you use it properly. Most ergonomists say you should split your time 50/50 between standing and sitting as the real benefit of standing desks is the ability to change often.

      I’ve actually written another article about this if you’re interested: How to use a Standing Desk – Reap the Maximum Health Benefits it’ll break it down even further for you.

      If you have any questions or decide to get yourself one I can probably get you a small discount at flexispot.com. Let me know!

  3. Hi there,
    I read your review with interest as have been thinking about options as far as sitting or standing at my desk. This seems to be a good option if you are new to the idea of standing and want the flexibility to sit or stand. I like the idea that it is sturdy as I have seen some pretty flimsy looking options that look like your computer is about to tip the whole desk over!
    Do you find you still bend over a bit to see the screen or is it close enough that you don’t feel you need to? I like to be reasonably close to my screen so if I am too far away I feel like I am straining to see it properly.
    Also – can you advise how heavy it actually is? I am assuming you would need a fairly solid desk to put it on.
    Did you look at any other options before trying out the Flexispot one?

    1. Hey Melanie,
      Thank you for stopping by and those are all great questions. I don’t have to bend over at all as my laptop screen is only about 3-4 inches below where it’s “should” be for optimal ergonomics so that really doesn’t come into play much. My other screen is at the perfect height. I like to have the screen close and technically, you should be able to touch your screen without having to lean forward. So both my screens are about an arm’s length away.
      The package says that it weighs about 50lbs and yes, a solid desk is probably a good idea but it really shouldn’t cause you any problems. Although it is heavy and a bit awkward to carry with one person, you wouldn’t really want it any lighter because if you were to raise it up, then you’d end up lifting the whole desk with it. This Flexispot was actually a trial and in my daily work life I use a full sit-stand desk, also from Flexispot. You can see my review here: Flexispot Standing Desk – The 1-year Review
      If you have any more questions, please, don’t hesitate. I could also get you a discount as well if you decide on getting yourself a Flexispot desk. Let me know and take care!

  4. I cannot express in words how awesome standing desks are. Like the multiple tiers look too. For those who may be on a super limited budget, I have found that sitting on one of those big fitness balls at work takes a way a lot of the pain that would otherwise accompany sitting. That is what I did while pregnant and it helped somewhat, though I still spend a lot of time standing. I think people underestimate how important it is to have a comfortable home office, so much easier to focus and to create a mental work space.

    1. Hey!

      You’re absolutely right! I like how you said people underestimate having a comfortable home office. We alway focus on making money, improving productivity through actions but don’t understand that creating a work environment that’s conducive to working can make a big change in your attitude and well-being. I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Come back anytime!

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