Best Gifts for Freelancers 2020 – Don’t miss out!

Best Gifts for Freelancers 2020 – Don’t miss out!

Hey Guys! We all have health-conscious freelance friends/family members (or at least ones you wished would worry a bit more about their health). But how are you supposed to buy presents for someone like that? Don’t worry. It’ll all be ok. I’ve compiled a list of some of 2020’s best gifts for freelancers that are a bit more health-conscious.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of the links, you won’t pay anymore, but we will get a small commission to help keep us up and running. Thank you and enjoy!

Best Gifts for Freelancers

1. Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

Best birthday presents Flexispot desk

So we’re going to start this list of best gifts for freelancers 2020 off with a bang! It’s a bit on the high-end but can you really put a price on health and not having back pain? I’ve mentioned in one of my other articles, Sit-Stand Desk Top Workstation – Budget-Friendly Way to a Healthier You, that these desks will probably pay for themselves over the years. If you regularly see a massage or physical therapist for back pain then the $409 price tag really only comes out to around 8 massages over the next 5-10 years.

This Flexispot Standing Desk is a solid example of a standard standing desk: ergonomic design, 4-height memory controller, and 2 holes to organize chords. This would be a perfect gift for any health-conscious freelancer who wants to take it to the next level.

*Plus, if you click here you can get a code for 5% off!

Best birthday presents Flexispot desk

Buy NOW: Flexispot Electric Standing Desk

2. VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

Best birthday presents Varidesk standing deskBest birthday presents Varidesk standing desk

This item on our list of best gifts for freelancers 2020 is a bit less of a commitment then the whole desk mentioned above.  It’s a straight-out-of-the-box and ready to work type of deal. Varidesk is a top name in the sit-stand desk workstations, and this is no exception.

I chose this particular model because many freelancers, myself included, prefer using two monitors as we need to have quite a few windows open and space to visualize everything we’re working on. The two-tier design also lets you have both the keyboard and monitor at perfect working height. It comes with 11 different height settings and a huge keyboard and mouse tray. Small keyboard trays are the most common complaint on most of these desk converters, but there shouldn’t be any problems this one, as you can see in the photo.

They’ve recently come out with an electric version as well. Check out my review at Varidesk Adjustable Height Stand up Desk – Pro Plus 36 Electric Review.

Buy NOW: VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk

3. Herman Miller Aeron Executive Office Chair

Best birthday presents Aeron Herman Chair
Buy NOW: Herman Miller Aeron Executive Office Chair 

Unfortunately, even with standing desks or desk converters, it’s a good idea to sit down during the day.

Ah, Herman Miller, how we love you! These chairs are top of the line in every way: ergonomic, sturdy, fully-adjustable, breathable, and as an added bonus, made in the good ol’ US of A. At less than $500 this chair is an excellent gift for any office worker. This chair will keep your freelancer healthy for many years to come and it’s definitely one of the best gifts for freelancers 2020 who work at a desk.

4. VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Best birthday presents Monitor Mount

If you’re not quite ready to make the plunge into standing desks yet, this would really help to clear up some desk space. This dual monitor desk mount would be a great gift for any freelancer who’s tight on space or just like to spread things out. It comes with bracket plates which make it easy to attach monitors and a built-in cable organizer so you won’t have to worry about them making a mess. The desk clamp opens up to 4″, but if you want a bit of extra stability, you could get a grommet mount as well.

At only $41 this stand is a steal and with a 4.6 out of 5 stars and over 2,600 reviews you know it’s worth every penny and one of the best gifts for freelancers!

Buy NOW: VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Best Gifts for Freelancers

5. ViewSonic 24″ Head-Only 1080p Frameless Monitors (2 pack)

Is your freelancer still working on a monitor from before Obama was president? This pack of View Sonic 24-inch monitors (compatible with the desk mount above) is incredible for the price. If your freelancer works with graphics or photos a great pair of monitors is an incredible gift!

  • 1080p resolution for crisp details
  • Ultra-thin bezel for maximum ease of use
  • built-in speakers to save even more space
  • Super-wide viewing areas
  • DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA inputs

Buy NOW: ViewSonic 24″ Head-Only 1080p Frameless Monitors


6. Fitbit Versa

Fitbit versa

Health conscious people, particularly freelancers love to track everything. With the Fitbit Versa you can do exactly that! Some of its features include:

  • Heart rate
  • Sleep
  • Running/swimming mode
  • GPS with smartphone
  • Water resistant
  • Apps
  • Calls, texts and notifications
  • Quick reply

It really is an all-in-one solution for freelancers who like to stay connected. This is easily one of the best gifts for freelancers out there in 2020 and they’ll love you for it!

Buy NOW: Fitbit Versa

7. BAGSMART Travel Universal Cable Organizer

Best birthday presents

If your freelancer has gadgets, they’ve got cables. There’s no way around it (yet). Travelling, working out of the house, really going anywhere with a few devices and chords somehow turn into a rat’s nest. This cable organizer fixes all of those problems. With different compartments for chords, headphones, plug-ins, memory sticks. This organizer will have your favorite freelancer up and ready to get things done no matter where they decide to be productive in 2020.

Buy NOWBAGSMART Travel Universal Cable Organizer

8. Body Back Company’s Self Massage Tool

Even if you have a beautiful stand-up desk, an ergonomic Herman Miller chair, aches and pains happen. It’s just a fact of life these days. This tool may look a bit “interesting,” but it’s perfect for working out those hard-to-reach knots in your neck and back. Freelancers the world around need to have this in their arsenal for those tough days when nothing seems to be going right. One of the best gifts freelancesr can get.

Buy Now: Body Back Company’s Self Massage Tool

9. Dreamfarm Spink – Spill Saving Drink Holder

Can you image spilling your coffee on your laptop or Ipad? For most freelancers, we depend on our electronics for our livelihood (and maybe yours). One little slip-up could be the end of weeks and weeks of hard work (not to mention $1000’s of dollars to replace them) Don’t let this happen and save them from their own clumsiness!

This spill-saving drink holder will keep any accidental arm sweep or surprise cat attacks from costing thousands. They’ll thank you in the end. I promise!

Best birthday presents Safety Cup holder                                  Best birthday presents Safety Cup holder

Buy NOW: Dreamfarm Spink – Spill Saving Drink Holder

10. Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, and Better

This book is a perfect gift for anyone who works from home. The whole idea of the book is to make life easier and more enjoyable. Who doesn’t want that in their life? It’s chock full of tips for working smarter and faster leaving more time for them to spend with friends and loved ones (that’s you!).

Wrap-up (get it?)

Thank you for browsing, and I hope it helped you with some gift ideas for that one-of-a-kind freelancer in your life. We’re a special group of people who decided to leave the corporate world behind (and stability) to try and make it on our own. The items on this list of best gifts for freelancers in 2020 will make that transition or journey much more comfortable and it will also show them that you support them in everything they do.

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list of best gifts for Freelancers in 2020? Please share in the comments below.

42 Replies to “Best Gifts for Freelancers 2020 – Don’t miss out!”

  1. I love the things on your site. I have been thinking of actually getting the powered desk that adjustably moves up and down! Will the company ship to Canada? Thanks again for the neat products. I will be reading more on that back massager too!

    1. Hey Zenon,
      I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment. The powered desk would be a great way to help you move around a bit more during the day. ApexDesk will ship internationally but you’ll have to order it by phone. Here’s there policy:
      Thank you again and happy Freelancing!

  2. This is definitely the future for offices. My previous job had some adjustable desks, though they weren’t electronically adjustable like you are showing here. My office could use better chairs and adjustable desks. I’ll have to let the boss know the next time they ask for suggestions. Thanks for this great article!

    1. ​Hey Kevin!

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. This is definitely the future of both home offices and business offices. People are really starting to understand what sitting for 8 hours does to your body and something needs to change. I’m glad I could help out and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you again!

  3. Wonderful article on home office gift ideas, I like the Varidesk Height-Adjustable Standing Desk and the VIVO Dual LCD LED Monitor Desk Mount Stand.
    They say that sitting is the new smoking and I quit smoking years ago. It’s time to quit again. Much of my life was spent on construction sites that meant lots of walking and climbing, very little sitting down. Now during my semi-retirement, most of my time is spent sitting at the computer.
    Thanks for the great gift ideas, time for some subtle hint-dropping, lol.

    1. Hey Ed,

      I love my Varidesk desk! It’s really helped to solve my stiff back and hips. Standing and moving around and having your desk at a standing height if you want to quickly check e-mails is so convenient. I’m glad you dropped your smoking habit and yes, they say sitting is the epidemic of the 21st century. Remember, if you (or your loved ones) click on the links it will take them directly to the Amazon page to buy that item, so they don’t have to go searching and digging through all the options. Good luck and happy hint dropping!

  4. I really like your site and how specific and simple it is. I can’t afford a power desk at the moment but I imagine myself buying it in the future! I am in fact from Albania, do you think that this company would ship here? I don’t think I can find similar versions on the local market. That back massager sounds interesting to try too!
    By the was what’s your social media plugin?

    1. Hey!
      Thanks for leaving a quick comment! Power desks can be expensive but I think about it as something that I use every day for multiple hours. If you use it every day for 1 or 2 years it comes out to less than 1 dollar per day. Something to think about. That particle desk I don’t think ships outside the US but if you can get onto Amazon Spain, France or Germany they have some options and would most likely ship to you. My social media plugin is social warfare. I hope that helps and you ever have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. Take care!

  5. You’ve got some great tools for ease featured in this article. I like the self-massaging tool, very useful. I love the fact that the desk has 11 different height setting with huge keyboard and mouse tray. It is a Fabulous office for freelancers and definitely makes working easier where there is minimum space.

    Thanks for the article.

    1. Hey Kavinah,

      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. The standing desk is perfect for anyone freelancer who’s looking for a healthier lifestyle. Sitting for hours on end is really hard on your body even though you’re not doing much. I’m glad you found some things that you would like, now all you have to do is drop some hints to loved ones 😉 Good luck with everything and Happy Freelancing!

  6. What an extremely unique niche of potential customers!

    I would love to receive almost all of these products to make my life easier!

    I think I created a standing gesk hack in 2006 when after years of back pain sitting at a computer I finally stood up with my laptop on the top of a book shelf to get the Keyboard at the right height for me (I’m a tall woman)!

    Great info-thank you!

    1. Hey!

      I love the DIY standing desk idea. Be careful with that one though! If your computer screen is to low you could still get pain in your neck from having to look down, or if the keyboard is too high you’d probably have shoulder pain from keeping them raised the whole time. You were certainly on the right track though and 12 years ago at that! I’ve got some great standing desk options throughout my website if you’re still in the market. Thank you for your comment and all the best!

  7. I really like how you pointed out the star count on the items and how many reviews they had. This is truly a great list within any budget for a gift for health consciences freelancers or others who work in an office.

    They have the option where I work to do a raised desk but I haven’t gotten myself to do it yet. I really liked VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable Standing Desk and the MobileVision Bamboo Charging Station. I was just talking with someone today who wanted to patent a shelving sytem that held tablets. My brother in law gave each of our 5 kids a tablet and they can be found all over the house. I also really like how it is made from Bamboo.

    Have you used the Herman Miller Aeron Executive Office Chair? What is the benefit compared to other office chairs?

    1. Hey Michael!

      Varidesk is a really well known name in the sit-stand desk world as it offers more affordable options for everyone. The Mobile vision Bamboo station is great for organization as well. Maybe if each of your kids had a specific place for their tablets they wouldn’t be thrown all around the house. Then again, I probably did the same thing as a kid.

      As for the Herman Miller I’ve never used one as my work chair no, but I’ve sat in plenty of them. Herman Miller is so good because of its customizability. To start with they have 3 different all-around sizes for smaller to bigger people, which means you start off with a base that’s right for your body. Next, you can customize everything from the arm pad material to lumbar support and the head rest. These chairs are so renouned because they are made specifically for you. Nowadays with big business, this is not very common.

      I’m glad you could find something helpful and thank you for stopping by!

  8. Hello there! My younger brother’s birthday is coming soon and I’m looking for a gift idea for him. He works every time on his computer and I think an adjustable table is the best gift for him. Luckily, I found your article that talks about ApexDesk Elite Series 71″ W Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk. This is a great desk and hopefully he will like this desk for his workstation. Thank you for sharing this review and gift ideas.

    1. Hey!

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaing a comment! I think the ApexDesk would be perfect for him! I have something that is very similar and love it! Having the ability to stand up and work is really helped with back pain and feeling for energized throughout the day. If he’d like a little help about the proper use I’ve written an article titled: How to use a Standing Desk, Properly – Reap the Maximum Health Benefits that should put him on the right track.

      If you have any other questions please, let me know and I’d be happy to answer them. Good luck and Happy Freelancing!


  9. I am a Freelancer. I need stuff. I need help finding stuff that will help me be a better or at least a longer-term freelancer. This site is a toy store for the freelancer or website manager or whatever you do at the home office. The products were shown visually, which sometimes is the only way to get their message out. The site was uncluttered with “flash and awe” tactics, relying on the products to sell themselves. For me, that was the right choice.

    1. Hey John,

      I appreciate your feedback on my website and I’m glad that you enjoyed it. If you every have any questions on any of the items here, please, let me know and I’d be happy to answer them. Happy Freelancing!


  10. What a great idea for a gift list. I feel like all my friends these days are both health-conscious AND freelancers. I think my favorite gift is the spill saving drink holder. I can’t even say how many times my cats have jumped up on my desk and knocked over my drink. I also already have a sit and stand desk topper and I swear by it.

    1. Hey Sunny!

      I appreicate you stopping by and leaving a comment. Most freelancers I’ve found actually are quite health conscious. They go hand-in-hand somewhat as independent self-driven people. Which sit stand desk converter do you have?

      Thanks again and happy freelancing!

      1. My desk topper or converter is by Huskk. I’m not sure if there’s a model or type. It sits on my actual desk and raises my computer and keyboard.

        1. I’d never heard of Huskk before but I really like the design. The keyboard/mouse tray seems to be large enough for a full keyboard with plenty of room to move your mouse. Have you found that, or do you find yourself running out of space when using your mouse?
          The tablet slit on some of their products is a nice touch as well. I’m glad you enjoy it and for that price, it’s really hard to beat!
          Thank you again for stopping by!

  11. I have heard of the Varidesk, but was unaware, like with the other desks mentioned here, that it is quite affordable considering the health benefits gained.

    I particularly like the electronic adjustable desk. I wish I had one of these when I worked at a call center long ago. I was constantly standing and bending over to type. I am not really the type of person that can sit down all day.

    The self massager is also an interesting option, as I sometimes get pain directly in the middle of my back that is impossible to reach. Thank you for the recommendation; I know several people who could benefit from these types of gifts.

    1. Hey!

      It really is pretty afordable if you consider the decreased pain, physical therapy, massages, etc. that a lot of people have to do if they sit all day. If you’re ever looking into electonic heigh adjustable desks take a look at my article: Height Adjustable Standing Desk – What to look for when you buy it will give you some ideas of what you can look for when you buy.

      If you ever have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask. Happy Freelancing!

  12. Hi Andrew I really enjoyed your site. Such good ideas for birthday gifts. I see the one item you listed is the varidesk. I have seen this being advertised on TV a lot lately so it it becoming a very popular item. The other item I really liked is the Body Back Company’s Self Massage Tool. I will definitely be dropping hints to my husband about these two items!

    1. Hey!

      I’m glad you could find some interesting items. All of these things should come in pretty hand for freelancers and anyone with a home office. I hope you’re husband picks up your hints. Let us know if you ever have any questions!

  13. My previous work center used standing desks. They were popular with people who had back problems. And I think we used those exact chairs, lol. They were comfy. And I really like that bamboo charging station. Bamboo items look nice in the home no matter what their intended purpose. They’re very visually appealing.

    1. Hey! It sounds like your old office took ergonomics pretty seriously. That’s great to hear! You’re exactly right, bamboo can really go with anything. Let me know if you have any questions! Take care

  14. great desk so simple great gift it can be big and can be small so cool would get me one thank you for sharing this best gifts ever something that i would never have thought about and you give so much of detail in the description thanks regards.

  15. Awesome review of some pretty helpful and handy splurges for yourself!  If I had the money right now, I would probably buy most of the items you’ve listed lol

    I’ve been looking at getting a sit-stand desk for a while at my office, and I really like the Veridesk which I could just place on top of my existing desk. But it might be a little bit too big.  Do you recommend anything along the same lines which is just big enough for a laptop?  I have the double monitors which they could sit on, but I have a cupboard above my desk which limits my space.  But I think with something a little smaller, I could place my laptop on it on the side of my desk.

    1. Hey!

      You’re right that they can be a bit bulky. Small converters are fairly hard to come buy but I’ve used an Executive Office Solutions Laptop stand for a while and it’s worked out for me. Check it out at Let me know if that’s what you were looking for. If not, I can see what else I can come up with.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Absolutely lovely,  and I must say this is building into the coming years and making writing much more easier not just for the freelance but for everyone.  I can imagine in few years time you will get to see these models in offices and even homes. I love the adjustable models,  it makes the user ergonomically fit for the job. 

    1. If you’re talking about the Flexispot desk then you’re absolutely right. Ergonomics for the home office is starting to become a huge inustry and will continue growing as increasingly more people take to freelancing. Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have any questions.

  17. This is an interesting list and would be really good for a present as we are drawing close to the festive season. I am more intrigued about that body back company self massage tool. It seems like what my friends would be really interested in. Thanks for the recommendations and great job with the review. 

    I am always in front of my computer and I think I would like to spoil myself a little. The varidesk would be perfect

    1. Hey! The Varidesk is a solid option and self massage tool works great if you often have knots in your back. I’m sure your friend would be very happy with that gift! Let me know if you have any questions! Take care

  18. This is like fate or something. I was actually just researching this a few weeks ago. Standing desks seem to be a lot healthier because standing requires you to use muscles to keep balance, which burns a small amount of energy meaning you are sort of exercising while you work! The dual monitor stand also looks very neat and professional.

    The bamboo charging station also looks great and like it could fit in any work or play space with ease. I will try and hint (very heavily) for someone to look at this page and buy a nice standing desk for me! Thanks for this!

    1. Hey!

      You’re absolutely right on the standing desks! Besides burning some extra calories it actually helps you to stay more alert. If you’ve ever gotten up to walk around because you’re tired of sitting in the same position, a standing desk allows you to stand up and continue being productive.

      Good luck with your hinting! Let me know how it goes!

  19. Thank you so much for this awesome post!  I am a freelance writer right now, and I love the varidesk! Now I know what to drop hints on for my wife to get me for Christmas.  It is a beautiful edition to my office area in the back room, and I think she will agree.  We don’t have anything like that in the office….yet!!

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